About company
The company Orelmetakhim in the Oryol region of the Russian Federation is implementing an investment project for the construction of a modern industrial complex for the processing of natural gas into granular urea.
The company was organized in 2016 in coordination with the administration of the Oryol region. The Orelmetakhim company and the administration of the Oryol region signed a cooperation agreement of 04.10.2017.
Project Country: Russia
Project location at the site rural village Dolgoe in Orel, Dolzhansky District, Oryol Region

Project Benefits
Economic efficiency

investments are based on economic efficiency, as in the Russian Federation the lowest prices for gas and electricity in Europe; The plant will be equipped with the latest technologies for the production of ammonia and carbamide, which require 30% less natural gas compared to the old equipment.

active support of the administration of the Oryol region and the Oryol region development corporation, low cost of renting a plot of land for the construction of a plant, a simplified way to allocate additional land plots
Location and infrastructure

to ensure the delivery of construction materials to the village of Dolgoe Orlovskaya oblast, the plant will be located near the developed pipeline system for natural gas, railway
Mitigation of construction risks

at the moment the Company selects a ready-made general contractor with a good reputation who is able to complete construction within the established economic parameters
Construction site
The site for Orelmetakhim of 64.6 hectares is located, near the village of Dolgoe, in the Oryol region, Central Federal District of the Russian Federation
800 km
Novorossiysk – Istanbul, Turkey
8 000 km
Novorossiysk - Mumbai, India
12 000 km
Novorossiysk - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
13 000 km
Novorossiysk - Houston, USA
The advantages of the construction site
Previously, an airfield was located here, which significantly reduces the cost of preparing the construction site and vertical planning:
The site is located 1.3 km from with the export main gas pipeline system with a diameter of 1420 mm
Two independent power inputs
The location allows to supply urea in the chernozemic soil belt of the Russian Federation
The railway to the sea port of Novorossiysk is 0.6 km from the site, the road is 0.4 km
Availability of qualified labor resources in the village. Dolgoe, and the ability to attract qualified professionals from other regions
Key assumptions*
According to the feasibility study of investments
"Research and Design Institute of Urea
and products of organic synthesis"

532 Workplaces
700 000 tons per year
2 000 tons per day

granulated urea
Sales market
25% Russia
75% Brazil, India

Chief Project Manager:
Yuri I. Elfimov

+7 903 696-29-87

Contact phone (Orel):
+7 4862-44-26-11
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